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Kiskun Folk Dance Band Kiskunlacháza Association

Shaped up in 1954 since 1989 we work as an association. We celebrated our band's 55 year anniversaries, which are new, in 2009 of his Mays the group gave strength and impetus for tiny part and his greatest part.

Our band undertakes appearances with pleasure.

The association's more capital activities:

-The folk dance a group's operating.
-Nemzetiségi the nursing of dance traditions, his keeping.
-Folk dance- and the organization of cultural programs.
-Regional the helping of a cultural life.
-folk dance education.

The association's seat:
Petőfi Sándor Művelődési Központ és Könyvtár
Kiskunlacháza Kinizsi street 1. 2340

Kiskun Folk dance onto a band's maintenance Kiskun Folk Dance Association  came into existence this year first gladly it buys it personal income tax 1%. That onto the association's maintenance and our cloakroom's extension we would make use of it for his renovation. We hope for it, we may count in this year at what onto the help of more men.

Our tax number: 18682582-1-13.

Bank account. OTP: 11742214-20014816

Furthering our association's work in the forthcoming years with this.

President: Zoltan Simon

President acting: Judit Szijjartó

Seat: 2340 Kiskunlacháza Kinizsi u 1

Letter title: 2340 Kiskunlacháza, Rákoczi út 113