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Kiskun Folk Dance Band 2009. yearly one his appearances


In 2009 Kiskun dance ensemble several domestic ones (local and somebody else settlement ),külföldi figured on programs.

On more sites with a bigger program (1/2-1 clockmaker) we may have amused the audience, is where we may have represented Kiskunlacháza with an item as invited guests.

Our bigger programs our supply Volly István with a beginner's art institution's folk dancing groups - we may have made our lectures high-standard complemented with his Kiskun Rózsa and the wild flowers.

January 3. Kiskunlacháza New year concert Petőfi in a cultural centre.

Our adult and youth group (Kiskun roses) we congratulated on the New Year with his common program.

April 30. Kiskunlacháza charity ball

Both of our groups may have figured in the organization of the art school ballroom dance ones in the program of the ballroom dance ones.

May the 8. Kiskunlacháza-a 55 of Kiskun Dance ensemble year jubilee programs

Two clockmaker our program beside the new choreographies, we performed older choreographies with old dancers' collaboration. In the program szerpeltek Volly AMI folk dancing pupils: Gárdonyi and Vörösmarty

travel pupils tiny folk dancing (preparatory course pupils),The wild flower child supply team -1-. class, and Kiskun roses youth group (6-8.class his students) /of course the classes' numbers the September school one with a year start emelkedtek/. The folk music living accompaniment the sound forest and his friends name an orchestra supplied it.

The supporters of the program were: Kiskunlacháza local government, Petőfi cultural centre Kiskunlacháza, Noske floriculture Kiskunlacháza, Szivárvány Cukrázda Kiskunlacháza, Csömöri János; Csöme ltd. Ráckeve, Turinform Ráckeve. Separate thanks for the dancers' family members and the landlords.

June the 20. Szigethalom-Szigethalmi Suns,I. National fire jump festival

The szigethalmi -Sziget dance ensemble, Ráckeve Kéve Néptáncegyüttes and the kiskunlacházi Kiskun Tánegyüttes the program of folklore and the scenic performance of a common fire jump Kakuk Pál in a choreographer's and an artistic leader's organization.

June 26-27-28. Kiskunlacháza László daily  Festival

3 of our groups attended the largest program of the summer programs it 1 clockmaker in a program.

July 31. Ráckeve Friday evening prom

The Ráckeve summer program series our recurrent guests the szigethalmi with Sziget Táncegyüttes our adult and youth group common the program of 1 clockmaker may have been seen on Duna parton.

August 15. Szigetszentmárton - Summerfest national Folk dance festival

It we may have bought a part with first occasion this year the Százhalombatta-Ráckeve-Summerfest directed by way of Tököl city on an international folklore festival, representing our homeland beside the foreign country groups in Szigetszentmárton.

August 20-22. Slovakias, Gúta-Hanna-Hanna International artistic camp and festival

On the site of the Slovakian watermill, our adult group attended a program going on on nature conservation area similarly to the last year's year the folklore representing a tendency as sole one, folk music branch represented it, and the sound forest and his friends provided the musical accompaniment to us orchestra.

September 4-the Romanian twin town of 5-6. Transylvanias, Kraszna (Kiskunlacháza -Krasznai Suns)

Kiskunlacháza twin town it called it this year folk dancing. An adult and our youth group may have made an appearance in a common program the local one néptánccsoporttal with the bouquet and the arising ones representing the other artistic branch,among other things the kiskunlacházi visiting away with first occasion this year with ballroom dance ones with Vincéné Nagy Nóra leadership.

September 12. Kiskunlacháza -Sport- and program hall gala program

The new spotrcsarnok is not only in service as a gymnasium,provides place for other, tendencies representing the motion, so for the dance. Our dance group undertook the performance with pleasure after the sportsmen's shows for the gala program of the sports hall zárószámakéntí

September 16. Kiskunlacháza - Cumanian hillock monument foundation-stone-laying ceremony

Hatháznál was one of the moment on Kiskunlacháza for his series of festivities directed with I.Kun Világtalálkozó occasion the monument foundation-stone-laying ceremony, on which beside the Kazakh representatives the conservation of the Hungarian nationalities' values, his habits being represented Kiskun Táncegyüttes made an appearance and Kiskun Rózsái Ifjúsági Tánccsoport.

September 18. Kiskunlacháza child táncház-a in Petőfi  cultural centre organization

As Kun Világtalálkozó part with Kazah Néptánc and a ballet institution's group and number other national ones presenting habits, together with schoolmasters some elements of the Hungarian folklore, we may have taught the Hungarian's folk dance elements to the general pupils during the day.

September 19. Kunadacs -on I.Cumanian world meeting the upper little Cumanian one the common program of settlements

The lacházi art school néptánccsoportjaink (Kiskun roses, wild flowers) and our adult group's program opened it the felső-kiskunsági the gala program of his settlements.

September 26. knicker vintage parade

Our dance group grew up after long time truth got an invitation for participation on Bugyi parish vintage parade where he amused the kind interested ones as a sole group again.

October 10. Kiskunlacháza vintage parade

The lacházi may have danced on more of Kiskunlacháza dots folk dancing tiny part and his greatest part, the spectators may have danced with our dancers though in the centre.

October 17. Makád  Vintage parade

The Makád school szmk. our band stepped up onto his invitation, the Makád school his students and it áporkai dance csoportal. Was an a little bit cold one but we felt well.

And that yet back is:

November 28. Kiskunlacháza -Sport-and rendezvénycsarnok-IDF dance competition

December 20. Tököl Sziget folk dance a band's Christmas program.

We may dance with 3. occasion as Sziget Táncegyüttes invited guests already in their Christmas program.