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Because of beginnings Kiskun Folk Dance Band.




Our past

Kiskun folk dance band was formed in 1954 with Mészáros Károly leadership. The then group consisted of 7 women and 5 men. Karcsi does his work as a Bács first instructor with a great soul and devotion. From 1954 the dance group's leader was until 1960.

1960-Mezei Károly took the group's lead until 65. Butcher Karcsi taught it with enthusiasm breaking out similarly to a uncle and organized the group's life.

The group's first orchestra Mezei Károly ( drummer ), Kátai Bertalan ( harmónikás ), Máté János ( primate ) and Bangó Béla ( clarinettist ) made by.

Field Karcsi  group attended several appearances: On mothers' and fathers' day, August on 20, May on 1, vintage parades from 1966 and on Petőfi Tsz programs, and on Balaton, on Seregélyes and in Poland.

Their dances between it owed Lacházi czardas, Nagykónyi recruiting, Mikepércs czardas, Terenye and the Bagi girl dance, Lacházi stick, glassy dance and the courtier dance okay.

From 1965 until 2000 Virág Milósné Irma an old lady took the group's lead. Traveled from Budapest always down onto Kiskunlacháza, since somebody else néptánccsoportja too was. Irma old lady only strictly, pronouncedly, but directed it with a good heart in one and taught the group's members. He, who taught a German nationality padded dance to the group, was the first instructor.  Elegant made his work with health and huge perseverance.

15-16 head seed took shape in the community and on all of them in these years they gathered to rehearse two times on a week. A very solidary friendly community came into existence.

They made visiting likewise in Poland in 1978.

In 1979 the kis-áfész along duna was the group's maintainer.

1981-you make an appearance in Poland on knickers, Szigetcsép, Kiskunlacháza number national and cultural programs, each other's weddings and repeated one in 82.

They celebrated the 30 year anniversaries of their existence in 1984. This they made an appearance in a year on the Apaj rider days.

1985 and visiting in 86 was put onto Hajdúszoboszló and knickers, the vintage parade, furthermore 1998 -they made an appearance in the Merseburg city of ban.

Visiting in 1993 was made Köln-in too.

1994 of his autumns Irma an old lady said a farewell to the group. Sziklai Tibor and his wife took the artistic lead.

1995 of his Julies a weekly folk dance you sow a part in a camp in Transylvania where the group made an appearance on the last day.

The year a December celebrated 40 of the year anniversaries of the group's existence on 16


They made visiting in 1996 in Greece where they felt very well.

the year August it was organized on 18 the folk dance festival where it was hosted St. the band of a bench dance.

1997- ben had bought Bösztörpusztai on pentecostal days.

Balogh László took the dance group's lead from an autumn. Came into existence in this period előszőr supply group.