Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

Until now
our activities, our aims:




Kiskun folk dance looks back at 55 year pasts.

The primary aim of our activity the presentation of the Hungarian folk dance culture, our folklores, our habits, in an increasingly wider circle truth acquainting.

On illustrious days, our national days truth we may have presented the Hungarian folklore with performances in our parish.

We provided help in free-time and cultural programs.

The collective celebration of the holidays has a big tradition in our parish, on the holidays, the parish's inhabitants, children and adults attend cultural programs with big staff numbers equally.

Our programs are looked at with pleasure, they recall forgotten habits, and unknowns are learned for them on our common gatherings. Indeed these programs are attended with a big joy in a traditional national costume.


We teach folk dance at our schools for an age group in almost all classes, on all of them. They provide the supply to the adult group, concerned the adult group - the band - gives an opportunity the young persons and for elder ones the continuity of the learning.

We consider the cognition of important one Hungary's different areas, his folk, neighbourhood nationalities' culture through the dance types, dance dialects, acquainting and keeping alive.

We would like to help the personality development of the upcoming generation with favourable influence furthermore: in learning the partnerships, the conflict in the ability of dissolution, the acquisition of the adaptability.

The adolescents and young age we give help in the finding of their identity, the role learning, the development of the fantasy néptánccsoportunk his help.

For the young adults important connection-establishing opportunity belonging to a community like this, in one orbit we may develop commitment in them.

We grant the opportunity of the creative ability for them in order for them to be allowed to care about the generation of the future for the adulthood, let their path of life be allowed to be shaped.


The culture intelligence, it is with influence in the shaping of living space, the interaction of the social contacts by way of the development of the spiritual functions so.

Belonging to a group like this does not happen compulsorily, but the members get in based on a some kind of voluntary emotional motivation. That helps with the achievement of certain aims, satisfies a need, provides safety, gives knowledge, information.

The broadcasting of the culture is based on objective and intellectual factors. So the direct presentation of the traditions, habits without technical devices, material goods impossible.


The holidays, traditions convince the people_nation, (mainly the young persons) characters from that direction, that let them be considered a valuable man.

The holidays not only play an important role in the conservation of the memories, values though, but it insures uniform continuity in a man's life.

The celebration, an entertainment, the activity differing from the everyday life are important in venting the anger.